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Design and Technology Showcase

On the 14th of April the inaugural Design and Technology Showcase took place. All of this year’s GCSE and A level practical work was displayed in the hall and students had the chance to talk to those in attendance about their work.

The main aim of this event was to celebrate the student’s achievements. It is not easy to design and make a product from start to finish and although along the way the students have had ups and downs they have all produced completed products that they should be proud of. The other reason for holding this event was to allow students to gather feedback about their products from other people which is the final part of the folder work they have to submit for assessment towards their GCSE and A level qualifications.

As well as, students and invited guests a number of judges from a variety of backgrounds, including a chef and naval architect, viewed the students work and spoke to them about it and ‘Best in Show’ awards were presented for each subject area at each level. Though many students were nervous about presenting their work to the public, the Food Technology students were put under the most pressure as they were in the food room with four of the judges being observed and graded ‘Master Chef’ style while re-making their final dish. Guest in the Hall were also able to view this as it was streamed back to the Hall.
All of the invited guest and judges were very impressed not only with the work that was on show but the positive, honest and reflective way that students spoke about their products.

Some of the comments from the judges …..

Alison Evans (OPA) – ‘It was really lovely to be able to see all the designs and products that the students have made and spend time talking to them. I was impressed by the standard on display!’

Simon Martin (Business Development Chef, Nature’s Way) – ‘The quality of the outcomes that the students produced under pressure was exceptional.’

The Best in Show Awards were awarded as follows
GCSE Electronic Products: Brendan Walsh (Runner-up: Stephen Squire)
GCSE Textiles: Megan Moretti (Runner up: Rebecca Galbraith)
GCSE Food Technology: Niamh Joyce (Runner up: Sam Parker)
GCSE Resistant Materials: James Outen (Runner up: Emma Taylor)
GCSE Product Design: Sean Barrie (Runner up: Patrick Carden)
AS Product Design: Ryan Standen (Runner up: Harry Roxburgh)
A2 Product Design: Matthew Neilson (Runner up Max Leonard)
The Student Choice Award: Roberto Castro

For the full album of pictures taken from the event please navagate to our Facebook page here