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Erasmus+ ‘More peaceful schools’ meeting at Oaklands

12th - 16th March 2018


On the first day of school we got to know each other by doing ice breakers. We first went to assembly and watched a teacher talk about Fairtrade. Then we were given a short welcome by Mrs Broadway before moving on to two different activities. We sat in the 6th Form Conference Room and were divided into 7 groups. These groups were with our exchange students and another pair. We started by listening to Mrs Broadway introduce us to the project and what we were doing all of the following days. We then played a global bingo in which we when round and asked people questions to fill in our sheet. The questions were about us as people and it forced us to interact with other people - then the winners shouted out BINGO! and the game ended; it was a really fun game to help us learn about other people and what they had done in the past. Then we had a competition to see who could build the tallest tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti – our group failed - this was fun and got very competitive very quickly. We did this to help our team building skills and to learn about each other. The winning team had a really tall tower. Then we shared the leftover marshmallows - they didn’t last long. After that we listened to people from each school do some presentations about their schools; this was very interesting as we got to see how foreign schools were different to ours, some of the schools had videos and PowerPoints about their best bits of their school (in their opinions). Then we got given a treasure hunt about the safety signs within our school – we went around the school and discovered how Oaklands helped keep the school safe - this showed the foreign students how our school’s safety worked. Then we had break time and we talked to our partners and showed them a bit about our school.

After break we went to lessons and showed our exchange students what English lessons had in them. Many of the exchange students found this very interesting as they go to see what lessons in a different school were like. At lunch time we went outside and had lunch, we showed our exchange students more of our school. After lunch was over we had a lesson of PE – we played bench ball and had lots of fun interacting with the other students through sport. It tired us out. This helped us learn about each other and helped to break the ice between us. Once school finished we dispersed and many students went home. Some students had after school clubs so their exchange students went along and enjoyed the extra curriculum lessons in an English school. Some students went home with their exchange students and took them to places that they often go to – some of the students went swimming or went to other interesting places. All of the activities today helped us to get to know each other better and helped us to expand our knowledge of other schools.

By Ruthie, Julia, Cem and Flavia.


On Tuesday 13th March, students from Turkey, Poland, Italy and Spain took part in a dance movement session. This session was run by Zoe who is a dance and theatre movement teacher. We were separated into two groups to come up with different ideas to present to Year 7’s what we did in two hours. Group 1 worked on a movement called ‘Hi’ as we said ‘Hi’ to each other in our warm-up session. Group 2 worked on their movement called ‘Bye’. These two ideas correlate each other and made a unique performance.