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January 2018

  • Cycle Helmet Campaign

    Published 09/01/18

    Sadly, over the last few years we have had a few students who owe their lives to a cycle helmet.

    Last November Maisie appeared in a film made by the BBC and aired on BBC South Today telling of her experiences. Since the initial film she has been approached by a number charitable organisations who want to support her cause (ie Headway and The Children Brain Injury Trust) and a decision was made to move her campaign to the next level by organising an official Government petition. This went live on 2nd March 2018.

    Maisie writes:

    “Wearing my cycle helmet saved my life! It protected my head when I hit the road and from the hot exhaust when I was trapped under the car. The helmet was amazing as it was damaged and melted but still intact. Now I want all children to have to wear helmets.  

    My accident happened while cycling to school. I came off my bike head first, landing in front of a car, which drove over me, trapping me beneath. The air ambulance attended and I was flown to hospital. I sustained three breaks, a fracture and lost some teeth.

    The consultant said I wouldn't have survived without a helmet.
    I want you all to understand it can happen to it happened to me!”

    Link to the petition

    Michael was in Year 9 when his accident occurred. He was cycling to school from Hayling Island. What happened isn't clear, but it is likely a car got too close to him clipping his bike or clothing.
    Michael Writes:

    "All I really remember is waking up on the side of the road, my face was a bit of a mess and my cycle helmet was cracked where I hit the edge of the curb. Without the helmet that would have been my head . I was taken to hospital in an ambulance. This could have been a lot worse"


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