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Berlin Trip

The history department run a bi-annual trip to Berlin which is both popular with students and highly relevant to the A level course.  Over four days students are given the opportunity to view such moving sights as Sachenhausen Concentration camp, The Holocaust memorial and the remnants of the Berlin wall.  Combined with this we also visit places of contemporary relevance such as the Reichstag building, Check point Charlie and the Sony Centre. As a department we believe that cultural awareness is essential in our young people and as such strive to demonstrate how easy living abroad could be for students.

Berlin Trip Report by Emily Hopkins Y13

On Friday 22nd October, 30 sixth form History students and their three (brave) teachers departed Oaklands for their four day stay in Charlottenburg, Berlin. After waving patchwork England goodbye at 5.50pm we eventually reached our hotel at 10.00pm and collapsed into bed for the night.

However, there was no time to sit and dawdle as Mrs. Masson (the Massonator), Mrs. Bonnington (Bonners) and Mr. Bamford (Bammo) had other ideas! Over the next 3 days we were to take a coach tour around the wonderful city of Berlin, have interesting talks on a number of topics vital to the year 12 & 13 courses, and take hundreds of pictures from places such as the top of the Reichstag and the remnants of the Berlin Wall- the teachers’ favourite being our numerous “Group Photos!”

There were many touching parts to the trip, as facts and figures from a text book became real, individual life stories. In particular, the sobering visit to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp is something that will stay in our minds for a long time. Aside from the more serious elements of our trip there was plenty of time to explore and take in the local culture from both East and West Berlin, feed birds at the bottom of the Reichstag and enjoy many group meals together. On behalf of all the students that had such a fantastic time on this trip I would like to thank Mrs. Masson for her brilliant organisation and Mrs. Bonnington and Mr. Bamford for ensuring a smooth sailing and navigation