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Head of department: Ms S Whyte

If you wish to learn more about the curriculum, please contact the head of Department by email: ­­­­

Drama at KS3

We focus on making, performing and evaluating drama.

Students research, discuss and use drama techniques to explore character and situations. They devise and present scripted and improvised dramas in response to a range of stimuli, demonstrating their ability to investigate ideas, situations and events and an understanding of how theatre can communicate in innovative, challenging ways. They experiment with sound, voice, silence, movement, stillness, light and darkness to enhance dramatic action and use theatre technology creatively. They take part in scenes from plays by a range of dramatists and recognise the particular contributions that directors, designers and actors make to a production.

Year 7 Drama

Students work on storytelling, status, characterisation and improvisation exploring a range of familiar stories through drama.

Students learn key words linked to drama and how to use constructive feedback to shape and improve their own and others’ work

Year 8 Drama

Students work in mixed groups to build on their year 7 skills examining issues such as fair trade, leaving home and silent movie through a range of stimuli and drama skills.

Students build on their drama vocabulary in class and through homeworks

Year 9 Drama

Students focus on script and devised work, and begin to focus on speaking and listening skills designed to integrate with their preparation for GCSE English. They also look at scenes from Shakespeare and the history of the theatre.

Extra Curricular

Our students have taken Arts Award qualifications at Bronze and Silver level and have the opportunity to be involved with our large scale full school productions.

Drama at KS4

  • GCSE Y10-11

Exam Board: AQA

Exam board specification weblink:

Year 10 Topics

Year 11 Topics

Component 1

Set text from a range- currently Blood Brothers

Live theatre visit and written evaluation skills

Characteristics of performance texts

Social, cultural and historical contexts

Drama and theatre terminology


Component 2

Creating devised drama and keeping a production log

Performing devised drama- assessed within the centre



Component 3

Preparation for two assessment tasks:

  • - 2 key extracts from the same play as a monologue, duologue or group performance. Examined by an external examiner
  • Preparation for component 1 examination
  • Live theatre visit and written evaluation skills

A level Y12-13

Exam Board: AQA

Exam Board specification weblink:

Year 12 Topics

Year 13 Topics

  • Component 1- Drama and Theatre

Study of 2 set texts as a director, designer and performer (Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen, Metamorphosis by Steven Berkoff)

  • Study of live theatre makers from a production seen
  • Component 2- Creating Original Drama- devising a theatre piece and keeping a production log, performance of the piece and assessment in the centre



  • Component 3- Making Theatre (practical exam) exploration and interpretation of Extract 1, 2 and 3, each taken from a different play
  • Extract 3- performed as a final assessed piece Reflective report analysing and evaluating theatrical interpretation of all three extracts
  • Live theatre visit 2 for study of live theatre makers
  • Revision for component 1 examination


BTEC  LEVEL 2 extended certificate in performing arts (acting)

This course is the equivalent of two GCSE passes.  It is a practical work related course in which students learn relevant skills through working on assignments. The core unit of Acting skills will be covered by all students, with additional units selected from the following :-  Improvised plays, Scripted plays, Musical theatre and Working in the performing Arts industry. Students work towards completion of assignments where clear feedback is given.

 Students must complete 3 Units with each unit accounting for 10 credits i.e. total of 30 credits.

A Mandatory unit of Acting Skills must be followed.

Plus 2 more chosen from  

  • Devising Plays (Improvisation )
  • Performing Scripted Plays
  • Musical Theatre Performance
  • Working in the Performing Arts industry and Professional Development in the Performing Arts Industry.

The course is structured around specifically designed assignments with clear assessment criteria for each unit and specific deadlines to be met.


The assignments are assessed with a combination of practical performances together with evidence of rehearsal and research. These are all assessed internally, at appointed intervals throughout the course, with external verification. There is no terminal exam.

Students may achieve

Pass = 2X GCSE grade C
Merit = 2X GCSE grade B
Distinction = 2X GCSE grade A
*Distinction = 2X grade A*