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In order to support your children during the revision period prior to their external exams this year, we have put together a guide to assist parents and students to find past exam papers on the Exam Board websites.

There are links to the exam boards in the guide and screen shots to assist with navigation through the various websites.

The codes shown are the Award codes and Unit codes for each exam, students may wish to ask their Subject teachers about the codes they are studying.  The exam boards may ask for these codes when requesting the papers.

Parents should be aware that some of the exam papers are large documents and may take up a lot of storage space or paper/ink if printed.


Please click here to view the booklet

Please click here to view the dealing with exam pressure booklet.

Click here to view the summer exam booklet

For our latest attainment figures please click here


Exam Contingency Day - Wednesday 26th June 2019

Contingency letter