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KS3 Geography

Students at KS3 follow a varied and engaging curriculum in Years 7-9 and as a result the numbers that opt to continue their studies to GCSE level are high. Students are given the opportunity to experience both human physical and human Geography at local, regional and global scales using a range of teaching styles.

Students are given the opportunity to study the following topics:

Year 7 Topics

Year 8 Topics

Year 9 Topics

What is Geography?

Kenya & Development

Map Skills

Food & farming


Antarctica & Glaciers

Industry & Globalisation



Climate & Weather



Coasts & Tourism





All the members of the department believe in the inclusion of fieldwork in the Geography curriculum. It is our belief that students gain a huge amount from fieldwork- not just the Geographical learning, but also personal development as many of the activities require teamwork and interaction with the public in activities such as questionnaires.

The main aspect of fieldwork is to provide students with the experience of unfamiliar landscapes, but this is not always exclusively the case as the school grounds are used as much as possible to enrich learning. Examples of such activities are the Microclimate survey and Litter Survey in Year 7, Environment survey and playground rivers in Year 8 and Hazards Survey in Year 9.

Our plan is to introduce further fieldwork opportunities for students in KS3. This started in 2013with a weekend trip (joint PE/ Geography) to PGL Little Canada on the Isle of Wight to study coastal processes and management.