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Oaklands St John's Scholarship Programme

Oaklands St John’s Scholarship Programme (Mr Sumba)

We are now in our fourth year of this Programme! How quickly the time has gone! But many might ask, what impact is this Programme having on the lives of many people in Korogocho? Please have a look at the report from St John’s Headteacher for an answer to this question. I am very proud of all in the Oaklands community who have made all these things possible at St John’s through their contributions and donations.


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St John’s Week 2016

During St John’s Week this year, we held many fundraising activities with each Tutor group trying to raise as much money as they could to at least sponsor one child. We also had skype sessions with the pupils and staff of St John’s in assembly and some of our lessons. Many students did different things to raise awareness about St John’s for example, one of our students, Ellice Shields decided to create a website to show what this Programme has achieved so far. Please visit to see for yourself.

We are very grateful for donations from other organisations like the St Vincent de Paul Society, the Catenians and the Grail Society. We are also deeply moved and encouraged by the generosity of many families and individuals who have set up standing orders to this Programme.

If you would like to be involved in this life enhancing Programme, please contact Mr Sumba on


Oaklands St John’s Scholarship Programme End of Year Report (Mr A. Amuka)

Background of St John’s

St. John’s school is a Catholic school that offers affordable high quality education to children from poor families in Korogocho. The school was started in 1990 by the Comboni Missionaries as drop - in center to rehabilitate street children. It later became a learning center for poor and vulnerable children in the community who were locked out of basic education when public schools in the neighborhood were still charging a lot of money for school fees. Today St. John’s school has evolved into a fully-fledged primary school that offers high quality education to poor and needy children. This year (2016) the school enrollment is 748 learners; 392 boys and 356 girls, making St. John’s the largest, affordable and most progressive primary school in Korogocho informal (slum) settlement.

Specific Objectives for St John’s School

  1. Providing affordable and quality pre-primary and primary education to children from Korogocho slums and her environs,
  2. Promote equal learning opportunities to all children irrespective of their religious background. We encourage children from the Muslim community to join our school
  3. Developing sporting culture among children and the youth. We have facilities for both in-door and out-door sporting activities opened to the school children and the general public. These include a football pitch, volleyball, basketball, netball and short football court. Apart from the usual physical education lessons, the school has regular sporting activities.

Impact on Korogocho community

  • St. John’s school has transformed life of many youths in Korogocho, some of them are now employed and today they lead decent lives outside the slum.
  •  The school’s sports and music clubs have remarkable impact on the social and economic life of people the slum. It has not only nurtured talents and helped youth to realize their potentials, but has also created jobs and opportunities that have enhanced personal and social transformation.
  • 15-20 pupils of St. John’s school represent Nairobi County in the national ball games every year. This year the school sent 25 pupils to the National Music and Drama Festivals in Nairobi whereby they took position one in three items.
  • The school has helped to rehabilitate and educate many children who could have been wasted by drugs and alcohol; it has also protected many others from joining gangs and becoming criminals by offering free and affordable education. In short, St. John is here to transform lives of poor people in Korogocho.


Impact of Oaklands St John’s Scholarship Programme

The aim of the Oaklands St John’s Scholarship Programme is to help the less fortunate in Korogocho community acquire education by paying school fees, exam fee and other basic needs for the learners. This year, 194 pupils benefitted from this Programme. 91 pupils benefitted from full sponsorship while 103 pupils benefitted from partial sponsorship. A total of Kshs 655,200/= (Approx. £6000) was received this year for school fees, sanitary towels, textbooks and school uniform.



  • Our capacity has been increased since we were able to bring more children to school and continue with their education especially the ones who had dropped out of the school because of the school fees.
  • The academic performance of the majority of the 194 children has improved gradually and consistently each time we do exams though some are still on their way to improvement.
  • We have also managed to keep children in school without sending them home for money and this has also lessened teachers work in class as well since very little time is wasted.
  • Buying uniform for a number of our pupils whose school attire was not in good condition or some of them completely lacked has made the children feel important and loved.
  • Purchasing sanitary towels to our girls has built confidence in them and made them not to miss lessons especially during their periods.


Specific examples of impact of the support

Through your support Naomi Gakenia emerged the best girl in our school in 2015 KCPE with 369 marks out of 500. Due to her good result she got a well-wisher to support her in high school and today she is doing so well.

Joseph Odunyo, one of the pupils you supported last year emerged the best boy and the best performed candidate in last year’s KCPE with 379 marks out of 500 marks. Due to his good performance, he was given scholarship by Nairobi East Rotary Club and today he is the best student in his class in the high school he is studying in.

Let me bring to your attention the impact of your support on the pupils who are still with us in St. John’s Primary School in Korogocho. Since I may be limited to giving a report about all the pupils you support, I will give a summary report about three pupils.

Catherine Awino is 11 and will be in class six next year. She lost her parents while she was still an infant and was taken in a neighbour who became her guardian. Her performance was very low because she would miss school regularly due to her guardian (single mother) not being able to provide for her family’s basic needs and educate Catherine. Today she has really improved on attendance and performance. She never misses school unless she is very sick. In the previous two exams; mid and end term three exams, she scored 385/500 and 396/500 respectively. She is ambitious and wants to study till university, be a pilot and help others as you have done to her.

Margeret Awino is a girl aged 14 years. She will be a candidate come January next year. She lives with her uncle’s family in Korogocho slum. She had been missing school every now and then due to lack of school fees and school uniform since her uncle could not afford providing for his family of six and pay for her school fees. Her performance really deteriorated despite her being a very bright girl. Due to your support she has been the best in her class in the previous three exams i.e. midterm 2 exams 360/500, start of term 3 exams 365/500 and in end term 3 exam 408/500.

Wycliffe Mutogia is a boy of 14 years. He comes from a family of six with her mother being the sole bread winner after the death of his father which happened when she was 9 years of age. At some point in time he had to drop out of school to help his mother to take care of the family by helping her to provide for the family needs. He had to indulge in a number of criminal activities at this early age to earn some money. Due to your support, we have been able to accommodate him in school. His performance has greatly improved. Just to show an indicator to this; he had299/500 marks in midterm 2 exam and improved to 342/500 in end term 3 exam.