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SION Misson week 2014

The Sion Youth Mission Team visited Oaklands from 10th to the 15th March. With the team the school revisited its mission as a Catholic school and had the Gospel proclaimed in a radical and accessible way to both staff and students within the school context.

Monday 10th March

Today I was unsure on what was going on.  The day was taken over by the Sion Mission Team. They last came to the school when I was in Year 7, I recalled their name but couldn’t entirely remember …

The moment when I remembered came during the assembly when they repeatedly said my name, Samuel.  I remember I did not make the most of the team’s visit last time. Now a little older and wiser, I was sure I was going to make the most of their time with us this year.

Tuesday 11th March

Each day started with an assembly with the team. Sitting in the hall, I had forgotten the commitment I had made to myself the previous day. During assembly my conscience reminded me when they said they were hosting a ‘Prayer for You’ session Period 5.  So at lunch I went down to the Chapel for a quiet prayer session at ‘Light Fever’.  Not only was this experience peaceful and fascinating but also made my knees ache after a good fifteen minutes kneeling.

At the ‘Prayer for You’ session I sat with a lovely young lady called Liana, where we invited people to let us pray for them.  Not only was this difficult for me but difficult for everyone as occasionally a subject  that touch the heart would arise. 

Wednesday 12th March

Today was similar to the previous day. By now  any scepticism of the experience had drained away. I was getting involved with the sessions on offer.

Thursday 13th March

During today’s ‘Prayer for You’ session I was invited by Liana to allow the Holy Spirit into my mind and show me something about the person.  So questioning my sanity, I became one of the most blessed people she said she had met.  That night I attended the Main Event, like they were at school, the Mission Team were friendly, fun and full of love.