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St Cassian's

W e left for St Cassian’s at 4.00pm, arriving at 6.30pm, with the staff waiting to welcome us.

We headed straight into the entrance hall to hear the rules of the house and had a house tour. We arrived when it was dark so we went straight to our rooms to unpack. Half an hour later, we headed down to the dining hall to have soup, salad, sandwiches or pasta. Then it was games in the ‘de la salle’ room which gave us the opportunity to work together as a team.

It was lights out at 11.00pm and then breakfast at 8.30am every day, with morning and evening prayers being said.

On Tuesday, we got put into our small groups of ten with a group leader who made you feel welcome and also gave you the opportunity to share your feelings in confidence. We then got paired up to go on a thirty minute walk. The walk allowed us to get to know our parner and connect on a higher level. When we arrived back to the house, we had delicious pancakes! After eating in the dining hall, we had a long break which allowed us to look around the grounds of St Cassian’s.

The next day, we had a song practice for our Mass on Thursday which gave some of people the opportunity to play their instruments. We then went back into our groups to write messages to each other in our small books. This made everyone reflect and realise that we all have people around us that do care about us.

On the final day, we had Mass. This finished the stay at Kintbury with everyone participating. We took photos and said our goodbyes.

Overall, Kintbury was a fantastic experience - it gave us the opportunity to reflect and connect with each other, learning that the people you don’t speak to every day can have a huge impact on your life.

For me, it was life changing.