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Top Six Tips for choosing A Levels

Tip No. 1 - Understand what is going on with A Levels

A move to linear A Level courses 2015-2018

Since 2000 they were modular (modules of AS and A2)

Assessment will be mainly by exam, with other types of assessment (eg coursework) used only where they are needed to test essential skills

BOTH A1 and A2 content will be assessed at the end of the course.

Students at Oaklands will NOT do AS Levels from 2016 onwards - except for certain unique circumstances.

Tip No 2 - Understand why A Levels are so important - a global gold standard

Oaklands Sixth Form has an exemplary record in helping you get into top universities - The Russell Group (A*-B at GCSE and A*-B at A Level) are the UK's highest performing universities and top employers approach them to recruit graduates.

Tip No 3 - Oaklands Sixth Form is keen to help you make a good choice of A Levels

Subjects below are called Facilitating Subjects by top UK universities - Try to choose one or two of these types of subjects 

English Literature

Physics, Biology, Chemistry



Modern Languages

Classical Languages


Further Maths

Tip No 4 - Does this mean I shouldn't study non-facilitating subjects?

NO, there are many other subjects, which are all excellent at preparing you for university and employment.

Oaklands Sixth Form has outstanding results in these subjects.  "An A* is always worth more than a C grade at A Level whether the subject is Dance or Chemistry" Oxford Admissions tutor (2014)

If you already know what you would like to study at university or you're passionate about a particular subject, then you should  make your choices based on this.

Oaklands non-facilitating subjects



Drama &Theatre Studies


Film Studies


English Language



Fine Art

Business Studies

Product Design

Joint English

Religious Studies

Health and Social Care




Media Studies

Phyisical Education


Tip No 5 - REMEMBER A Levels are hard and employers and universities like A grades

Take subjects you CAN DO, not subjects you think you SHOULD do

Take advice, do not make decisions alone or just with friends

Choose slowly and carefully

Oaklands A Level Open Evening 16 NOVEMBER from 5.30 - 9pm will really help you decide

Tip No 6 - Still unsure what to choose to do? - Where do you fit in this list?

GCSE predictions

Number of A Levels to study

A - A* grades (Grades 8-9)

choose four 2 year courses at least two facilitating subjects

A*- B grades (Grades 7-9)

choose three/four 2 year courses

A - C grades (Grades 4-9)

choose three 2 year courses

B - C grades (Grades 4-6)

choose three 2 year courses

C - G grades(Grades 1-4)

A Levels may not be the best choice this September, not yet