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Year 7 Pilgrimage

A couple of weeks ago, (July 2016)  the whole of Year 7 and some staff went on a Pilgrimage to St John’s Cathedral in Portsmouth. It my opinion, it was amazing. As it was the mother church, there were many things to see there. For example, the very large and impressively detailed crucifix. Just as I looked at it, so many emotions ran through me. The altar was also impressive. It was bright, colourful and filled with so many special things.

We also saw some statues, which were twice the size of me! They were also very precise and I loved them. I was so excited, because I had to know the stories behind them. We got to see some very important monuments of the church, like the font. It is one of the most important things in the church and we were lucky enough to see it and learn about it.

After everything, we had a wonderful Mass with a meaningful Homily which focussed on the Holy Year of Mercy. It was a very nice and touching service.

Overall, in my opinion, the Pilgrimage was a wonderful idea and a successful trip. This has really helped me encourage my faith to grow.

Angel Raju, 7CA