Science Courses


Biology is at the forefront of an intellectual revolution which, with computing and quantum mechanics, is evolutionising the way we view the world. It appeals to both Science and Arts students and can be successfully combined with other sciences, a modern language or English Literature.


“Chemistry is everything”, from the quantum world of atoms and molecules to the macroscopic world of stars and galaxies. Chemistry is pivotal to Science. It links with Physics to understand the fundamental chemical and physical processes in our universe and with Biological Sciences to understand the processes of life itself. The course makes available to the student the factual knowledge required for the subject and discusses its underlying principles and theories in a form which always encourages the students to think for themselves.


“God does not play dice” and Physics is nothing less than an attempt to discover and explain the fundamental workings of the entire physical Universe. From driving to college in your first car, as you listen to your music/iPod, to time travel in the TARDIS, Physics has transformed the world we live in. Be a part of the A Level Physics course and stay tuned to the technological development it drives, as these will only accelerate in the coming years.

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